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How much will a pool solar system cost?
It really depends on the size of your pool. Here in Southern California, the standard ratio is 80% of the surface area of your pool. In simple terms, you will need as many solar panels as it takes to get 80% of your pool's surface area up on your roof. Most systems cost between $4,000 for a small pool to $8,000 for a very large pool. The number of panels you will need determines the price of the system. If you can tell us the surface area of your pool (length times width) we can tell you over the phone what a system will cost you.

In simple terms, how does solar pool heating work?
Using the pump that circulates pool water through the filter, the water is automatically diverted so that it flows through the many small passages of the solar collector. While passing through the collector, it is warmed by the sun. This warm water then flows directly back into the pool. When the pool has reached your desired comfort level, the water then bypasses the solar collector and returns directly to the pool. 

Do the solar collectors have to face south?
Not necessarily. The solar collectors should just be installed where they can be in the sun a good portion of the day. Depending on the angle of the mounting surface east and west-facing systems can function equally as well. 

Why would I want my pool solar heated?
You probably bought your pool for many reasons like family fun, entertaining friends, exercise, those quiet relaxing moments, or perhaps even for therapeutic reasons. You spent a lot of time making the decision to invest in a quality pool, furniture, fencing, and accompanying items that go along with a pool. You are therefore expecting to get the most use out of your pool. But if your pool is frequently too cold to swim in comfortably, you are not realizing the full benefit of your significant investment. Solar pool heating can effectively double the length of your pool season. 

How much will my solar pool heater cost to operate?
Since the sun's energy is free, there are no operating costs. The solar system will heat your pool with the circulation pump that runs every day already. You may just want to change the program times to ensure the pumps run when the sun is HOT.
How does solar pool heating compare with heat pumps for pool heating?
The cost of installing an electric heat pump is generally comparable to the cost of a solar heating system. The annual cost of electricity to run a heat pump may be two-thirds of the cost of natural gas or one-third the cost of electricity for a conventional resistance electric heater; but the sun's energy is FREE!

Do you do leak repairs on existing solar systems?

Yes and no... we can replace panels but we don't do minor leak repairs. If you have leaks in the plumbing or connections, we recommend calling the company that originally installed the system or the manufacturer directly.